Craft Black Pearls

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This mod allows you to craft black pearls inside of your player inventory once you’ve unlocked the tek replicator As I learn more how to use the devkit, I may implement more craftable resources, but for now this solves the problem of not being able to harvest pearls outside of killing any Alpha creatures My first time making a mod. I would love to say this will get customizable recipes. But give me time.

Ingredients: 2x silica pearls // 2x charcoal // 1x oil == 1 black pearl -- I felt that kept a fair balance. You also have to unlock the tek rep engram to unlock this one. So it’s primarily to help with end game grind.

V4 is live. Should be good to go friends! Dedicated storage and stacking issues are fixed.

This mod remaps vanilla black pearls. Any mod that remaps those should not be loaded after this, otherwise im guessing it will not work

Leave a comment for compatibility issues w mods and I will try to get it fixed asap