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Auctionator is designed for casual everyday auction house users:

  • Auction prices in item tooltips (with an AH full scan function to update the prices)
  • Straightforward UI
  • Protection against posting too low
  • Recipe reagent costs and profits in crafting views
  • Searches with lots of filters with a search history and organised into shopping lists
  • Undercut scan and one-click cancelling for owned auctions

Did you know there's modules to go with Auctionator? For example for keeping track of your purchases, sales and vendoring use Journalator.

Shopping Lists

  • A shopping list is a list of search terms you can search for as a group.
  • You can filter by price, level, and more.
  • You can see a price history by right-clicking on the search result for the item.
  • Any pre-8.3 old shopping lists still work, they are in the "Shopping" tab.
  • You can import shopping lists/groups from older versions of Auctionator and TSM.
  • You can export any number of shopping lists to share with others.
  • You can export the search results as a CSV, useful to import into Excel.

Adding search terms

Click the "Add Item" button to add items to your lists. This will open a dialog with options to customise your search.

  • Exact Search: Only returns results with the exact name you put in
  • Level/Price/Item Level: Return results in the range specified
  • Crafted Level: Use this to filter crafted items (like scopes and gems) by the level they were usable at/crafted at.

Full Scan

Go to the "Auctionator" tab in the Auction House and click the "Full Scan" button. On retail you can make this happen automatically when the AH is opened by turning the autoscan option on in the settings.

Tooltip prices

Auction, vendor (and some disenchant) prices are shown in item tooltips.

Selling Tab

All the features described only affect the Auctionator Selling tab, and do not affect the Blizzard "Sell" tab.

  • Post items on the Auction House
  • Automatic undercutting (set a custom price or percentage to undercut with)
  • Custom default auction duration (12/24/48 hours)
  • Price histories (derived from the last 21 days of full scans)
  • A bag view inside the tab to avoid needing to open your bags. Specific items can be hidden from the bag view (right-click the item icon and click "Hide"). Favourites can be selected to show at the top of the list (right-click and click "Add Favourite")
  • Holding the Alt key while clicking on an item in your bag puts it in the Selling tab ready to post (this can be changed to a right click in the settings).
  • The default sale quantity can be changed in the options.
  • The "Post" button has a optional keybinding. You can, for example, set this to Space, and it won't interfere with the jump keybind.
  • To quickly post everything in your bags quickly enable the "Automatically select the next item in your bag" option and click the "Post" button repeatedly.
  • Existing owned auctions for the item being posted can be cancelled by right clicking on the auction (retail version).
  • Existing owned auctions for the item being posted can be cancelled by selecting them and then clicking the "Cancel Auction" button (classic version).
  • Auctions which you don't own can be purchased by selecting them and clicking the "Buy" button (classic only).
  • An additional "Seller(s)" column can be shown. Right-click the search result column headers and select "Seller(s)"

Cancelling Tab

One-click cancelling for auctions and undercut scanning is included.

  • To cancel an auction left-click on it.
  • To search for competing listings for a specific auction right-click on it.
  • After using the "Undercut Scan" button to determine which auctions have been undercut, click the "Cancel Undercut" button to cancel the undercut auctions one-by-one.
  • A keybind option exists to simulate pressing the "Cancel Undercut" button (find it in the settings)


Search the Auction House for reagents from a crafting window (a "Search" button appears when both the crafting window and the AH are open). An estimated cost of the items on the auction house and an optional estimated profit is shown in the main area (below the reagents for retail and above them for classic).

Most search results listings for Auctionator can be customised; right-click a column header to choose the columns you want to see.

TMog, Pet, Toy and Mount Collection Searches (Retail only)

While not supported in the default release, support exists in Collectionator, an extension to Auctionator. Find it here

Auction mail and posting journal (SoM, TBC and Retail)

To keep track of your sales and purchases on the Auction House download and use Journalator. Find it here

Upcoming Releases

Information on future features and alpha testing can be found on our wiki

Bug Reports

Any issues that you find should be filed here this helps us organize, track, and respond to bugs as efficiently as possible. Please use !BugGrabber and BugSack to provide meaningful information to help determine your issue, without which, we probably won't be able help

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