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Orange X3

Maintained By GGODD2


The most popular version of cp_orange_x.... Here are some key differences compared to other versions.

  1. A 2nd ramp to the top of the building
  2. Added stair ramps to each spawn
  3. Little side hiding at spawns
  4. New skybox
  5. Fixed as many leaks as we could
  6. Realigned part of the map so you wouldnt get stuck
  7. Fixed it so there's no more sky walking

Here at Team GHS we hope you enjoy this and thanks again wolf for giving us permission to do this.

WhiteWolf_X is now Online. 
WhiteWolf_X: hmm... dont know 
WhiteWolf_X: ill have to look for it.. 
-=GHS=-GGODD2: you dont mind if i extract it and clean up orange x do u 
WhiteWolf_X: i havent played tf2 in forever so its all cool.. lol