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The heck is this Dodgeball gamemode?

This is Damizeans Dodgeball plugin but picked up by a kid who thought let's make this lively again.

Originally Posted by Damizean View Post A game mode inspired in the classic Dodgeball. On this mode, all classes except the Pyro are disabled and the respawn is limited to the same rules as the Arena game mode. Each Dodgeball map has a set of spawn points from where rocket projectiles are fired. These projectiles are designed to follow a target player until the player is killed or the rocket has been deflected.

Based on Voogru's original plugin and similar to Asherkin's plugin, I tried to design this one as flexible as possible without having to mess with the plugin's code.

The configuration included with the plugin contains a base rocket setup and a sample nuke rocket type (along with the model and it's 3DS Max source).

  • The rocket classes are really customizable
  • Each rockets uses an event system, to extend customizability by using custom commands etc.
  • You can setup spawnpoints by using there full target name.
  • You can toggle being airblasted or not with !ab
  • Sick ConVars to make setting up servers easier


  • tf_dodgeball_enabled - Enables or disables the plugin
  • tf_dodgeball_enablecfg - Config file to execute when enabling the plugin
  • tf_dodgeball_disablecfg - Config file to execute when disabling the plugin
  • tf_dodgeball_speedo - Enable or disable HUD speedometer
  • tf_dodgeball_announce - Enable or disable the kill announces in chat
  • tf_dodgeball_announcekill - Enable or disable who killed who in chat
  • tf_dodgeball_pyrovision - Enable or disable Pyrovision for all players
  • tf_dodgeball_rbmax - Choose how many times a rocket bounces
  • tf_dodgeball_airblast - Enable or disable sm_ab & sm_airblast
  • tf_dodgeball_count_deflect - Enable or disable count of deflects in kill announces
  • tf_dodgeball_rdrbeep - Enable or disable if redirects beep
  • tf_dodgeball_block_tauntkill - Enable or disable damage for the Armageddon Taunt (Default 1)
  • tf_dodgeball_steal_prevention - Enable or disable steal prevention (Default 1)
  • tf_dodgeball_sp_number - Change number of steals before slay, (Default 3)

NOTE - Upon changing tf_dodgeball_airblast & tf_dodgeball_block_tauntkill, probably pays to restart your server or change map.


  • sm_ab - Toggle being airblasted or not
  • sm_tfdb - Dodgeball Admin Menu


So this is what happens when you type /tf_dodgeball_resize on a normal rocket

New Nuke model (Doesn't require clients to download)


  • Damizean - Original Plugin
  • ReflexPoison - Speedometer & Announce mph on death
  • ClassicGuzzi - Obeserver Point
  • BloodyNightmare & Mitchell - For original version of AirblastPrevention
  • Powerlord - Original Pyrovision for all plugin

NOTE - The original plugin can be found here!

To-do list

  • Nothing



  • On the new general.cfg with more than 1 rocket, the plugin will sometimes resize the wrong rocket and not the nuke



  • Added new ConVar tf_dodgeball_announcekill.
  • Added ReflexPoisons Autoreflect and speedometer.
  • Added ClassicGuzzi's Observer point.
  • Took over development of the plugin, lulz
  • Removed ReflexPoisions AutoReflect (I didn't do it right)
  • Updated to new syntax (Alot of compilation warnings if anyone wants to fix them, make a pull request on GitHub)
  • Added TF2Attributes as a requirement
  • Added new cvar tf_dodgeball_pyrovision
  • Added Asherkins Rocket Bounce Plugin (In new syntax)
  • Added ConVar tf_dodgeball_rbmax
  • Added sm_ab & sm_airblast


  • Added new ConVar tf_dodgeball_airblast
  • Added new ConVar tf_dodgeball_count_deflect
  • Added a ConVar config in cfg/sourcemod (tf2_dodgeball.cfg)
  • Added Beep for when changing clients (Woohoo!)
  • New ConVar tf_dodgeball_rdrbeep
  • Fixed some compile warnings
  • Changed model to Air Strike model so you don't have to download anything


  • Changed back to Damizeans Nuke model since I couldn't find a resize fix


  • Fixed sm_airblast & sm_ab so everyone can use it
  • Updated sm_airblast to sm_ab, also made it so you feel no affect with it enabled.
  • Fixed a problem with the tf_dodgeball_airblast convar, thanks to my terrible coding skills


  • Added tf_dodgeball_block_tauntkill
  • Updated to 1.3, updated with Server Command named tf_dodgeball_resize
  • Updated with two general.cfgs.
  • Fixed new general.cfg so it works
  • Updated with new HUD


  • Added pears stealing rocket code
  • Fixed kill announcements
  • Updated github
  • Fixed some ConVar stuff I found while adding stuff
  • Removed new HUD
  • Added tf_dodgeball_steal_prevention
  • Updated with changes specified by pears


  • Added tf_dodgeball_sp_number


  • Fixed all compilation warnings! (woohoo!)


  • Added Dr. Doctor's suggestions
  • Updated the configs a bit for better play.


  • Fixed steal number float
  • Updated colors for steal prevention.
  • Added updater support


  • Added flame sound fix
  • Note : update probably doesn't work since I forgot the domain to update the files


  • Changed steal system, now doesn't count a cluster as rockets individually.


  • Fixed issues with pyros having no weapon on spawn.
  • Fixed deflection count and mph showing the wrong values in chat
  • Fixed announcer kills sometimes popping up when it's off.


  • Added TFDB admin menu (/tfdb)


  • Fixed config not loading on certain mapchanges, fixed RocketBounce setting to default on mapchange.


  • Removed Rocket glow