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Balloon Race

Maintained By Chuckstar


Race balloon ships and get treasure!

The Final Version

Yes, this is the official balloon_race_v2, the final version of my own AND the Gaming Masters map! You can get the source below so you can make your own version to play with your friends or just look how this map was made.


Race your balloons across the map and capture cool stuff like treasure chests and outposts! Watch out for sharks.

Control Points

  1. Treasure chest
    • A lone island in the middle of a lake.
  2. Rocky outpost
    • A small but very secret facility.
  3. The Bird's Nest
    • Hidden outpost with two docking stations.
  4. Watchtower
    • Highest reachable point in the map.




  • Moved the dispenser in the balloons to the front.

Bug Fixes

  • You can't get any ammo anymore when on the top deck.
  • Optimized the dust particles at the bottom of the cliff. (some people may get better fps here now)
  • Fixed the dark barrels at the second Control Point.
  • Fixed the safety teleporter on the underside of the balloon which was sticking out, meaning people got teleported sometimes when near the balloon.
  • Fixed a gap in the displacements near the second Control Point (Thanks Darth Cyrax!)
  • Removed the Dustbowl messages.



  • Added more clipping brushes and safety teleports.
  • Added glass to the back of the balloon ship window. (this is a bit stronger than the normal glass)

Bug Fixes

  • The dispenser in the balloon is now non-solid.



  • New balloon ships, double decks and more space!
  • Optional paths for the balloon ships:
    • + {If the enemy team has already captured CP 1 and CP 2, your balloon goes through a shortcut in the cliff to CP 3.}
    • + {If the enemy team has already captured CP 2 and CP 3, your balloon goes straight to CP 4.}
  • Added a cave (shortcut) from CP 1 to CP 2.
  • The team that captures a control point gets a temporary speed bonus.
  • New spawn rooms that make the teleporters more clear.
  • Added an explanation in the spawn rooms.
  • New teleporters on the cliff just before CP 2. These enable when CP 1 is captured.
  • Now also compiled in HDR (full) and with cubemaps.
  • Added some very interesting music at the start of the round. :P
  • More props, details, a sun, sharks, etc.


  • The team that captures CP 2 gets the bottom spot in CP 3. (more favorable) This adds some dynamics to each round.
  • CP 2 is completely remade. Hopefully to be more interesting.
  • Changed lighting and fog to more closely resemble Well.
  • The shield wall in the hangar now has a delay of 10 seconds to stop spawncamping.
  • It's now impossible to build in the hangar.
  • The balloon ships now explode when the round is over.
  • The hangar is a bit bigger and more well lit.
  • CP 4 is now a huge rock.
  • The balloons now bank (roll) slightly in corners.

Bug Fixes

  • Tried to fix the falling through the balloon bug by placing a safety teleport in the underside and backside of the balloon. Also placed some extra clip brushes to prevent this.


  • This map is inspired by the wacky_races map for TF2.


  • Made by Chuckstar(me) and Geitiegg (from Gaming Masters)
  • Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the first version!