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FTB OceanBlock


OceanBlock is a new unique modpack created by the FTB Team inspired by the countless island-based modpacks. Expect many changes to what you’re used to, encounter custom structures within the deep depths of the sea! Experience the true beauty of the obsidian boat, especially in water.

With over 550 quests to guide you through this wet and wild journey, you’ll never loose things to do. Nor will you feel bored, with the addition of rafts to break. A new addiction can form, the endless hunt for treasures among the infinite oceans. An entirely new crafting system, Tempered jars. As you follow the quests, diving into new draconic technology. “Enjoy” the lack of ability to swim. Jump into the ocean with a scuba suit. Sluice gravel, sand, dirt and dust for resources.

Dive into this new drenched, world.

For Servers

  • Use level-type=default.