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📚 About

Decocraft adds in over 3000 decorations for your Minecraft World. This mod will definitely give you a lot more variety when decorating your builds. Many of the items are actually functional as well!

📹 Review & Gameplay

Watch this video for gameplay and a review of the mod!


Q: OMG it crashes! asdgfnjafdj!

A: I need to see your crash report, "It crashes" is not helping, nor is you raging all over my comment section. If you don't post your crash report I cannot help you and WILL ignore you.

Q: When I look at the object it turns black!

A: Go to the PTRModelLib.cfg and set block outlines to FALSE.

Q: My game takes forever to load and/or crashes!

A: Please allocate AT LEAST 2GB RAM to your Minecraft!

Q: Can you backport/update Decocraft for version X.X.X?!

A: No.

Q: Can I use Decocraft in my Mod Pack?!

A: Sure

Q: My game crashed... here is my crash log..! (WALL OF TEXT)

A: PLEASE DO NOT NOT NOT Paste your crash log in my comment section as is. Put it in Pastebin and send me the link. If you post a wall of text I will just delete it. This is BASIC posting etiquette. 

Q: I used WorldEdit and my world is ruined! It's all your fault!

A: No. Just no. Older versions of World Edit may not handle the data the same way as the newer versions. Also when copying and pasting anything, things may go wrong, so... regardless please please MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE YOU USE WORLD EDIT (or any other external tools!!!). I won't be held responsible, this is why backups are a thing.

Q: Is Decocraft backward compatible?

A: Yes! Decocraft is completely backward compatible, however newer models may not be in older versions and some things might change. It's always best to create a backup before going back just in case!

Q: I can't place any blocks!

A: If you can't place any blocks, try holding shift to bypass the custom bounding boxes. It should allow you to place it!

Q: How do I create decoblocks? What are the recipes? 

A: You can create all of the blocks inside the decobench! You can craft the decobench with the recipe below:

Q: I'm unhappy with the color I chose. Is there any way to change it?

A: Yes! You can craft the decowand to change the color if you're unhappy with it. You can craft the decowand with the recipe below:


As of version 1.16+ this mod no longer requires the PTRLib library in order for it to run! (only 1.12.2 version needs it) 

SUPER IMPORTANT! - 1.16 Decocraft is in ALPHA, which means it is not complete.

📜 Credits

  • Special thanks to the amazing @Agpicklefeet for her amazing models!
  • Big thanks to @NotJaackson for creating the new look of Decocraft!!

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