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Prop Hunt Enhanced

Maintained By Kurante


Wolvin's - Prop Hunt: ENHANCED v.16 Rev. A

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Base Information

Version: 16, Revision: A, Release Type: PreRelease

Prop Hunt: Enhanced is now mantained by GFL clan, as Wolvindra, creator of PHE is no longer able to mantain/update the gamemode by himself.

Join our discord to discuss bugs, features, recomendations and get notified on changes and updates.

Main gamemode Description

Prop Hunt: Enhanced is an enhanced version of Classic original Prop Hunt Gamemode. The gamemode is focused to be always maintained and fully customizable with many things. The gamemode also includes several many major changes including the HUD, the code optimisation, Player skins, and other kind of additional features.

The gamemode was contributted to the old Classic Prop Hunt as for the fixes on march 2015 update (which completely broken) with the viewmodel fix additions. The classic version may no longer be maintained anymore.

Available Links & Public Server Tests

Available Servers

  • LBG Server:


Workshop Version

Required Addons

  • ULX Admin Mod. ( Workshop or Legacy Download: )
  • (Optional) M9K/TFA Base. You can optionally subscribe the M9K weapon base if you wish to use custom weapon base for bonus weapon, otherwise will use from default sandbox weapon base.


Currently, the project is not mantained by Wolvindra, but you can still donate to him here.

Reporting an Issue

Reporting game issue (Bugs/Glitches)

Please provide information with detail so we know what's the actual problem that can occurs on your side. This issue page is not a place for asking help.

Or you can join our discord instead.

Community Discussion Thread

If you wish to use help, please open a discussion thread from workshop here.