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Hide And Seek

Maintained By Kurante


A recoding of the classic Hide and Seek gamemode for Garry's Mod that is more secure, optimized and customizable. The reason I've done this is because I want the gamemode to live again, or not to completely die out as it is my favorite gamemode since years.

This gamemode WILL CONFLICT with classic Hide and Seek, so make sure you uninstall it.

Main Features

  • Multiple HUDs and settings.
  • HUD scaling for people with big screens.
  • Player gender and color shade choices.
  • More server-side settings and optimization.
  • More secure (not using insecure networking).
  • Active development.
  • Per-server achievements (and you can add your own too!).
  • Flashlights for hiders. (disabled by default, see ConVars)


  • Votemap (currently, you'll need to hook your own votemap to HASVotemapStart)

ConVars (server settings)

has_maxrounds Number = Rounds until hook HASVotemapStart is run.

has_timelimit Seconds = Time until a round ends. 0 means that the round will only end when there are no more hiders or seekers.

has_envdmgallowed Boolean (0 or 1) = Will trigger_hurt kill players?

has_blindtime Seconds = Time the seekers are blinded (can be 0 if you want chaos)

has_hidereward Number = Points (frags) to award hiders when they win the round.

has_seekreward Number = Points (frags) to award seekers when they tag a hider.

has_hiderrunspeed Number = Speed at which hiders run.

has_seekerrunspeed Number = Speed at which seekers run.

has_hiderwalkspeed Number = Speed at which hiders walk.

has_seekerwalkspeed Number = Speed at which seekers walk.

has_jumppower Number = Power everyone jumps with.

has_clickrange Number = Range at which seekers will tag hiders using click tag.

has_scob_text Text = Text the scoreboard will show on the button at the top left corner. Requires a map change or closing the scoreboard with the X button to take effect.

has_scob_url Text = URL the scoreboard button will open. Needs to start with "https://" and DOES REQUIRE QUOTES when setting from console ("" <- these).

has_lasthidertrail Boolean (0 or 1) = Will the last hider have a trail following them around?

has_hiderflashlight Boolean (0 or 1) = Will hiders be able to use flashlights? They will only be visible for themselves and will not produce a sound.

has_teamindicators Boolean (0 or 1) = Will players be able to see their teammates' position with a V over their heads?.

has_infinitestamina Boolean (0 or 1) = Can players run forever.

has_firstcaughtseeks Boolean (0 or 1) = First player caught will seek next round.

has_maxstamina Number = Maximum ammount of stamina players can refill.

has_staminarefill Number = Rate at which stamina is filled.

has_staminadeplete Number = Rate at which stamina is depleted.

has_staminawait Number = How many seconds to wait before filling stamina.

Additional info

This gamemode was created to be exclusive to the GFL community, but now is free for everyone to use, that's why you may see server references, bad commit names or me just being a dick on the comments on older commits.