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Extra Spawn Points


Adds extra CT and T spawn points in Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is useful for large servers that have to deal with maps with not enough map spawn points.

NOTE - When an additional spawn point is being added, it uses the vector and angle from an already existing spawn point for that team.


  • sm_ESP_spawns_t - Amount of spawn points to enforce on the T team (Default 32).
  • sm_ESP_spawns_ct - Amount of spawn points to enforce on the CT team (Default 32).
  • sm_ESP_teams - Which team to add additional spawn points for. 0 = Disabled, 1 = All Teams, 2 = Terrorist only, 3 = Counter-Terrorist only (Default 1).
  • sm_ESP_course - Whether to enable course mode or not. If 1, when T or CT spawns are at 0, the opposite team will get double the spawn points (Default 1).
  • sm_ESP_debug - Whether to enable debugging (Default 0).
  • sm_ESP_auto - Whether to add spawn points when a ConVar is changed. If 1, will add the spawn points as soon as a ConVar is changed (Default 0).
  • sm_ESP_mapstart_delay - The delay of the timer on map start to add in spawn points (Default 1.0).


  • sm_addspawns - Attempts to add spawn points.
  • sm_getspawncount - Receives the current spawn count on each team.
  • sm_listspawns - Lists the vectors and angles of each spawn point on each team. Please note a client may have issues outputting all of the details into their console. However, using the server console has been very consistent from what I've seen.