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Dynamic Slots


A simple dynamic slots plugin for SourceMod that relies on increasing the visible maxplayers (sv_visiblemaxplayers CVar) by incrementals. The incremental value must be dividable by two.

If for whatever reason the game you're using this for doesn't support sv_visiblemaxplayers, the plugin will not work.


Here is a list of the plugin's ConVars along with their descriptions and default values.

// This file was auto-generated by SourceMod (v1.10.0.6537)
// ConVars for plugin "dynamic_slots.smx"

// Whether to include bots in player count calculations.
// -
// Default: "0"
ds_bots_include "0"

// Enables debugging (for developer mode only). Will log a SourceMod message.
// -
// Default: "0"
ds_debug "0"

// How many slots to increase by after 'ds_min' is reached until 'ds_max'.
// -
// Default: "2"
ds_increase "2"

// The maximum player count before the plugin stops doing anything. 0 = maxplayers.
// -
// Default: "0"
ds_max "0"

// The minimum amount of players required for the plugin to do anything.
// -
// Default: "24"
ds_min "24"